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Be the Deciding Factor in

Her Choice For Life

Sponsor or Adopt a Child, and Support a Mother

Love & Support Women in Crisis

Sponsor & Nurture New Life

Be an Active Member for Change


What If She Came to You Today and Said . . .

She felt pressured into an abortive procedure because she didn't have the money to take care of a child? How many of us would instantly offer to pay for those expenses? How many of us would adopt a child into our own family if we knew it could save a life?

We understand how sad and frustrating a situation like this can be. Women shouldn't have to feel alone. Let's give her more options.

Offer to Adopt

Shipping necessity packages with supplies for the first 12 months of baby's life.


Offering to connect mothers with adoption services that give them alternative options.  


Loving & supporting women from crisis to contentment with necessity packages & resources.


Connecting women with counseling services to help them find clarity.  


Offer to Adopt


Welcome new life into your family and become a candidate for adoption. 


Sponsor a mother with necessity packages that cover 12 months of baby-related purchases as well as other resources, sent directly to mothers in crisis. 


Women get the love and support they need to start a new life adventure all because of your generosity. Have another idea of how you can help? Give us a call!

How You Can Change Lives

Offer to Adopt

Most women do not seek an abortion as part of their life story. They are pressured into it.

Maybe she can't afford to take care of a child. Maybe people are telling her it's her only option to live a normal life. Maybe she has no one to help her. Maybe the father wants nothing to do with her or their child.

Don't let her believe the lies. Don't make her do this alone. Let's give her more options.

Offer to Adopt

Generosity is Love in Action

People like you are changing hearts and saving lives.  

Thank you for playing the role of hero in the next girl's story.

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