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Generosity is Love
in Action

We just want to thank you for your generosity to help guide women to a happier future and guard and nourish her newborn through the first 12 months of life.  May God in turn bless your life with abundance and joy.

*Unplanned Joy is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization and is Tax Deductable

Choose Your Fund

When donating you can choose to help one newborn and mother specifically or donate to help us build our new shipping center fund which will ship baby necessities for years to come. Your decision will determine whether your donation will have an intimate or generational impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are girls chosen for sponsorship?
Women can request help at but most sponsorship occurs through side-walk councelors. These are people who aid women in distress at clinics.  Your sponsorship allows these counselors to offer practical way out and even spark a feeling of enthusiasm where there was once worry. 

What happens after the 12 months are over?
Every woman that receives help from unplanned is connected to their local emergency pregnancy clinic who gives community and lasting support long after the first year.

Does unplanned joy provide adoption services?
Unplanned joy is gathering information and photos of hundreds of families excited to adopt. We will use a third party agency to connect the mother and perspective family to ensure a safe adoption process.

More questions? Don't hesitate to call 931-313-3388 ❤️

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