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Turn an Unexpected Pregnancy

. . . Into an Incredible Adventure

Didn't plan for this? Don't worry, get sponsored by those who have.

Become Clear & Confident

About Your Future

Financial Sponsorship for You & Your Baby

Connect with Great Families

If Open to Adoption


How Could This Happen to Me?

We get it. You didn't plan for this. And you may feel confused, doubtful, and hopeless as to what the future will hold. But you don't deserve to feel this way. You are not alone. There are so many people who are ready to help you. We can give you an easy plan and the resources you need to face the future with relief, purpose, and even joy!


You have a future worth exploring. Let's do this together.

Financial support for pregnancies in individuals as young as preteens.

Necessity packages with everything from formula and diapers to clothing for unexpected motherhood in the first 12 months.

Connecting women in need with sponsors and adoptive families.

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You can overcome any obstacle and shape an awesome life story & stronger you.


Fill out quick support form or call/text us.


Get guidance, with a clear plan for a future that fits you.


Find peace & clarity in a stronger you with financial and moral support.

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You were made to love and be loved.

Even in life's most unexpected turmoil, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals you don't even know who are ready to help in any way they can.

It's all easier than you think . . .

We've Got Your Back!

We can provide the first 12 months of baby supplies to support you in this new adventure. From organic formula to natural diapers, we'll only send you the same quality we use for our own children.


You may not be ready, but someone is. Imagine if you could take part in bringing a foster mother the joy of motherhood. We can connect you with amazing parents that will love your child as their own.

Still not sure what to do?
Maybe we can give you a little clarity. Reach out to us . . . we are here to listen and give you guidance.


 Some Decisions are Unalterable 

- Don't ever feel pressured into a decision you are not sure about 

- Protect your long-term health and fertility 

- Avoid regret 

- Don't miss out on life-changing adventures 


Sometimes, the best adventures in life are those unplanned.

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